Kerbside waste bins will still be collected but residents may experience delays
  • Monday 03 August 2020
Waste truck

Sunshine Coast Council has reassured its residents that their kerbside bins will be emptied this week although they may experience delays, after a safety issue was identified in the contractors’ waste collection trucks.

Council’s waste collections contractor identified the issue during a routine inspection on the trucks, and is working to restore full services as quickly as possible.

This means that only a third of the trucks are available to carry out the normal collection service.

Residents are asked to put their bins on the kerbside the night before their normal collection day and to leave their bins there until emptied.

Council’s waste collection contractor will prioritise the collection of general waste bins (red lid), meaning recycle (yellow lid) and garden waste (light green lid) bins may not be emptied on the normal scheduled day.

Bins may also be emptied at an earlier or later time than usual and waste, recycling and garden waste bins may not all be emptied on the same day.

In some areas, collection services will run much later than normal and into the evening.
Council’s Group Executive Customer Engagement & Planning Services James Ruprai apologised to residents for the delay.

“We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this causes our community but the safety of our waste contractor drivers and other road users is our highest priority,” Mr Ruprai said.

“We will only return to the full service schedule when we are sure the trucks are safe once again.

“We are working with our waste contractor to fix the issue as soon as possible and will continue to update our community through our website and social media channels.”
Council’s waste collection contractor will run extra shifts each day using the vehicles that aren’t affected.

Commercial bins serviced by front lift or rear lift vehicles should not be affected.

Residents are asked to leave their bins on the kerbside until they’ve been emptied, and to wait until Monday 10 August 2020 before contacting council to raise any issues.

Please visit for updates.