Tech savvy, four-wheeled approach to surveying footpaths
  • Wednesday 15 May 2019

Certified inspectors on camera mounted quad bikes have taken to the Sunshine Coast’s 1,240 kilometre network of footpaths, surveying their condition and collecting data to help plan upgrades.

Inspectors travel at a brisk walking pace while the bikes’ four cameras and computer systems record and score the condition of the footpath surface every 20 metres.   

Local Infrastructure Delivery Portfolio Councillor Greg Rogerson said the survey was essential to ensuring the safety of footpath users and sustaining council’s $269 million footpath network.

“These highly visible bikes are already out on the streets right throughout the coast and we thank the community for their cooperation during this important process,” Cr Rogerson said.

“Pedestrian needs are prioritised wherever possible, with hazard lights and warning devices used to maximise safety.  

“We greatly value your privacy and all cameras are focused on the footpath surface with some limited viewings of adjacent areas.

“Council undertakes a full survey every four years as part of our management plan for pathways and I am confident the information gained will assist us in even more effectively managing our footpath assets.

“We had great success with the previous audit in 2015 and I look forward to having the latest data available to our team to help them best meet the needs of our region.”  

The footpath audit is expected to be complete by late May.