Survey results put into action
  • Wednesday 31 March 2021

The results are in from a region-wide community satisfaction survey commissioned by Sunshine Coast Council.

Mayor Mark Jamieson thanked the more than 1850 residents who completed the customer satisfaction survey.

“Having a community that takes the time to provide feedback to council demonstrates that we genuinely care about the place we live,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“And the results echo my sentiments that the Sunshine Coast is a special place – showing 95 per cent of residents believe Sunshine Coast is a good place to live.”

“As a council we very much value community feedback, especially with so many residents taking the time to tell us what sort of region they want to live in.”

The Survey provides council with an important insight into the current community satisfaction with service delivery and their liveability priorities over the next five years. This information is used alongside other information to plan for the future and shape our Sunshine Coast.

The thoughts and views are already being put into action with community input helping to shape Council’s new Corporate Plan 2021-2025 endorsed on 25 February 2021.

He said data gathered from the surveys would continue to feed into the business to ensure we’re delivering what’s important to our residents.

IRIS Research completed phone interviews and independently analysed the findings to provide:

  • satisfaction ratings for council services
  • benchmarking to Sunshine Coast Council’s 2015 survey and other local governments
  • assessment of the strengths to maintain and priority areas to improve overall satisfaction, and
  • liveability priorities over the next five years.

The results can be found in the Community Satisfaction Survey Summary on council’s Have Your Say website

“Liveability remains a key priority which was reflected in feedback provided by our community, along with the need to continue to provide a balanced and connected approach to planning for the future,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“Council seeks to achieve this through everything we do, consistent with our vision for the Sunshine Coast to be Australia’s most sustainable region – healthy, smart, creative.”

The community survey involved phone and online surveys and ran from 7 November until 4 December 2020.

Council will continue to work in partnership with the community to co-create a region that is inclusive, connected and where opportunities are available to all. Subscribe to council’s e-newsletters to stay up to date about opportunities to have your say.