Sunshine Coast pathways are for everyone to enjoy
  • Monday 05 February 2018
Coastal pathway Cotton Tree ParkAs the rain begins to clear and we get back into the great outdoors, Sunshine Coast Council’s pathway network will again be a hive of activity.

Council’s TravelSmart team wants to remind everyone to be aware of your surroundings and other pathway users when rolling, strolling or running along our pathways. 

TravelSmart supervisor Lee Berrill said for everyone’s safety, cyclists should Watch Your Speed, Give Way to Pedestrians, Keep Left and Ring Your Bell. 

“Those of us walking, running, scootering, skating and pushing prams need to keep our eyes and ears open for bells and verbal cues from approaching cyclists. And remember, potential obstacles could also be behind or beside you,” Mr Berrill said.

“Our pathways are for everyone. Respectful use of our pathway network keeps everyone safe, including our canine companions.” 


Did you know that riding with your dog on leash is illegal? 

When walking your dog please walk on a short lead to have control over your dog and avoid sudden movement into the path of cyclists and runners.