How we can all make small changes to help reduce congestion, improve our lifestyle and help our environment
  • Thursday 26 May 2022

A new Sunshine Coast Council transport-focused program will roll out to the community, encouraging people to make small changes to their travel habits to reduce congestion, improve our lifestyle and help our environment.

ThinkChange is a Travel Behaviour Change Program and a key action of the Integrated Transport Strategy.

Sunshine Coast Council Transport Portfolio Councillor Rick Baberowski said the program enabled council to work with the community for a healthier, more connected and sustainable Sunshine Coast.

“It is designed to encourage and empower the community to make better informed travel choices,” Cr Baberowski said.

“At its core, ThinkChange is about helping everyone on the Sunshine Coast reconsider ways to reduce car usage and the distance travelled in cars, consider taking public transport, or even replace short car trips with walking, scooting or cycling.

“As part of the program, council will partner with organisations, communities and groups willing to effect change.

“Our current level of car use on the Sunshine Coast is exceptionally high and, frankly, unsustainable and this program will help us move towards council’s vision as Australia’s most sustainable region, healthy, smart, creative.

“We can all make small changes as individuals, businesses and communities that don’t solely rely on public transport to reduce car usage. All together it could make a big difference for the community.

“You could consider making simple changes today, such as going to the shops on your way home from work, rather than making an individual trip.

“We absolutely also acknowledge public transport on the Sunshine Coast needs significant investment by other levels of government, in particular the State Government, the level of government responsible for public transport.

“We reassure our community council will continue to strongly advocate for increased public transport services on behalf of our community.”

Over the past two years, council has consulted and collaborated with the community to understand and recognise the need to achieve genuine, sustainable change.

This multi-year program will start with a selection of pilot initiatives with a focus on five categories: community, education, workplace, event and visitor-based initiatives.

ThinkChange initiatives will be announced over the coming months.  It is envisioned that over time, initiatives will be spread out across the region, each focused on reducing car trips and kilometres travelled.

Individuals and the community don’t need to be part of an official ThinkChange initiative to participate.

How small changes can reduce our car usage, improve our lifestyle and help the environment:

  • Rethink: Thinking about and planning ways to make life easier by doing things differently
  • Remode: Take alternative transport modes for a more reliable journey
  • Retime: Avoid travel in peak periods
  • Reduce: Plan ahead and reduce unnecessary travel to make life easier
  • Reroute: Change route to avoid congested areas where possible.