The Nile River has arrived on the Sunshine Coast
  • Monday 13 August 2018
Nile River dredge off Marcoola with plane taking off from Sunshine Coast AirportCouncil’s largest infrastructure project has reached another milestone with The Nile River delivering the first sand for the foundation for Sunshine Coast Airport’s new runway.

A trailing suction hopper dredge, The Nile River will become a familiar sight along our coastline as it undertakes its work to deliver sand from the Spitfire Realignment Channel in Moreton Bay.

The bright green, 150-metre long vessel, will make up to three trips a day, seven days week until the end of October 2018. 

At the beginning of each trip it will lower two suction devices to the sea bed in an existing sand extraction area and vacuum up around 12,000 cubic metres of loose sand. 

The loaded vessel then makes the 72km trip along the North-West Shipping Channel to connect with a pump out facility off Marcoola. 

The sand is pumped along 4.5km of pipeline in place on the sea bed and underneath the David Low Way, around the existing runway and out to the sand containment area.