Explore biodiversity in nature’s skyscrapers at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve
  • Tuesday 26 February 2019

An arachnologist, mycologist and entomologist walk into a rainforest… While this may sound like the start of a joke, it is in fact an upcoming event being held at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve from March 28-31.

The Mary Cairncross BioBlitz will provide an opportunity for scientists, members of the community and decision-makers to intimately observe rainforest biodiversity.

Environment Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay believes this scientific surveying of five strangler figs is an excellent reinforcement of Sunshine Coast Council’s healthy, smart, creative vision.

“We are very much looking forward to hosting an array of highly qualified scientists and researchers that will make up the BioBlitz Survey Team,” Cr McKay said.

“Tree-climbers will take the scientists into the canopies of five trees where they will study these living skyscrapers and all the different species that call them home.

“Data generated from the survey will reveal what lives here so we can better manage and protect this flora and fauna.

“Creative professionals will also contribute to the four-day event. Six artists will document their own observations of the strangler fig survey and their creative responses will be on public display at the reserve’s Rainforest Discovery Centre.

“For community members curious about what lives high up in the canopies, or within the branches and bark of these strangler figs, there are a range of hands-on, thought-provoking, scientific and cultural public education events.

“As an example, Jinibara Elders will share stories of how their people have lived in and cared for the rainforests of this region for tens-of-thousands of years.

“Also during the BioBlitz, the Maleny Printmakers invite you to come and look closely at the beauty of local leaves, capturing their botanical identity in a take-home piece of art.”

Other public events include listening to microphones capturing the sounds from the top of the rainforest, a Junior Ranger challenge for young scientists, sunrise pademelon counts and ‘Forest Feedback – a diverse discussion on biocommunication’ with some of the scientists participating in BioBlitz.

The Mary Cairncross BioBlitz is funded by gold coin donations from visitors to the reserve.

To learn more about the Mary Cairncross BioBlitz and to register for any of the public education events, please visit council’s website.