Electric vehicle fast charger plugs in at Forest Glen
  • Thursday 07 January 2021

Charging up Queensland’s electric vehicle super highway has never been easier with the completion of two charging bays now on the Sunshine Coast.

This innovative charging bay facility is easily accessible off the Bruce Highway at Forest Glen, plugging a key gap in the state’s super highway from Coolangatta in the south, north as Cairns, and out to Toowoomba.

Divisional Councillor Ted Hungerford said securing the facility was a major coup for our region and presented an opportunity for Sunshine Coast Council to deliver a range of economic, environmental and social benefits for our community. 

“This new charging station cements itself as a vital stop along the world’s longest electric vehicle super highway in a single state or region, spanning more than 1,782km,” Cr Hungerford said.

“The electric vehicle facility at Forest Glen provides two charging bays with an AC fast charger and a DC charger. For example, you can power up your electric vehicle with the AC charger in as little as 20 minutes to add a further 350 kilometres of range - now that’s electric!”

The electric vehicle chargers at Forest Glen were delivered by Sunshine Coast Council in partnership with the Queensland Government as part of Stage 2 of the Queensland Electric Super Highway (QESH).

Cr Hungerford said QESH drove the Sunshine Coast another step closer to becoming a healthy, smart and creative region.

“The EV stations use green energy, making them a carbon-neutral and pollutant-free transport option, which is becoming increasingly popular across the state and Australia,” Cr Hungerford said.

“Recent figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show the number of electric vehicles in Australia has almost doubled from last year (2019) with more than 14,2053 electric vehicles registered as at May 2020.

“It shows how important it is for local governments to make sure that energy efficient options, like these charging stations, are made easily accessible for the community to support uninhibited, long distance travel across the state and here locally.

“These chargers will encourage travellers to stop into Forest Glen, stretch their legs, and have a coffee or a meal at one of the local businesses, all while their vehicle is charging up.”

The charging station is located along Mons Road, Forest Glen. A complete list of fast charging station locations can be found at www.plugshare.com.

For more information on Queensland Electric Super Highway (QESH) visit: https://www.qld.gov.au/transport/projects/electricvehicles/future/super-highway

Fast Facts:

  • 14 per cent of Queensland total greenhouse gas emissions come from transport.

  • Transport is the second highest emitting sector in the state.

  • The average EV produces around 30 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Electric vehicles can save users 60-90 per cent off what they would pay for a tank of fuel.

  • The QESH is the world's longest, electric super highway in a single state, spanning more than 1,782km.

  • QESH has charging stations spanning from Coolangatta to Cairns, and from Brisbane to Toowoomba for low or zero emission vehicles.