Making a song and dance about Caloundra for the world
  • Wednesday 06 November 2019

Caloundra’s heart and soul have been captured in a new theme song and video, showcasing our region’s golden beaches, hinterland mountains, shopping and dining districts and other local attractions.

The Caloundra song City of Beaches is striking a chord with locals and visitors alike, after Division 2 Councillor Tim Dwyer enlisted the help of Sunshine Coast singer and songwriter Nik Phillips to etch some of Caloundra’s spirit into music history.

Cr Dwyer said he wanted to showcase what made Caloundra different to other parts of Australia and even the Sunshine Coast.

“In Caloundra you can create family memories that continue for generations. We have a big heart that embraces opportunities, authentic charm that leaves visitors wanting more, we are effortlessly cool, understated and relatable. And of course anyone can come here to live like a local and make their dreams a reality – that is the essence, the heart and soul of our beachside town that we wanted to capture and share with the world,” Cr Dwyer said.

“I start tapping my foot as soon as I hear it and I think the song and video really captures what we all love about Caloundra so I’m excited for people to see it, hear it and share it.”

The duo worked with the DownTown Caloundra TaskForce, Visit Sunshine Coast and the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce to further develop the project and Mr Phillips said he was delighted to be able to help share the beauty and culture of his beloved region through his lyrics.

“I’ve always loved Caloundra. It started with childhood holiday memories. And over the years I have regularly performed there. From the Kings Beach Tavern to the RSL and most venues in between, I was fortunate to make many friends. So when the opportunity arose for me to write and produce a song for Caloundra, I jumped at the chance,” Mr Phillips said.

“With City of Beaches, we didn’t want to just write a commercial or jingle. We wanted a genuine song, which summed up the spirit of the city and the people.

“To me Caloundra has always been “happy”. Caloundra makes you feel good. I think a lot of it comes from a lack of pretension. In Caloundra you feel comfortable being yourself.

“I believe the song captures that spirit. I hope others feel the same and make the song part of their life long summertime”.

The group joined forces to create a Caloundra identity and the themes were then shared with local videographer Greg Gardner and Mr Phillips to reflect in the music video and song, through lyrics such as:

Out on the horizon ships glide by
Moreton sands they catch my eye
The ocean’s like a jewel reflecting a perfect sky

Lifelong summertime, gem of the Sunshine Coast
Glass House Mountains lay the backdrop to the time of our lives
Dicky’s wreck lies in the sand, Pumicestone’s a wonderland,
I love the life, I live the dream,
Making me happy!

Taskforce member and Revolution Automotive & LPG owner Stefan Razum said he was thrilled to take part in the project.

“It’s very exciting being part of the Caloundra Taskforce as we have been able to make some  amazing opportunities for Caloundra residents and businesses and one of them is showcasing our beautiful region in the amazing new Caloundra song,” Mr Razum said.

“I feel that the song embraces everything about where we live and it won't be long before people will be singing along.

“The new video is nothing short of amazing showing all the beautiful coast and sights. I so love where we live.”

You will soon start hearing the song on your local radio, on the walking audio trails, council’s on-hold messages and also advertised at the Big Screen Caloundra and at local events such as the Caloundra Music Festival.

Watch and share the music video today.