Batpod: Innovative podcast reveals the importance of flying-foxes
  • Tuesday 08 November 2022
cartoon character of a flying fox

A new education podcast will send students on a conservation mission with a twist.

BatPod is a choose-your-own-adventure journey where listeners tackle a challenge Sunshine Coast Council conservation officers face on a regular basis – trying to balance the wellbeing of our community with local flying fox roosts.

Sunshine Coast Council’s Natural Areas Conservation Officer, and BatPod narrator, Tyron de Kauwe said the new podcast was an innovative way students could learn about the importance of flying-foxes.

“Flying-foxes are vital to our environment but can be noisy, smelly and messy neighbours,” Mr de Kauwe said.

“The podcast shares First Nations knowledge, factual information and expert guidance to encourage students’ empathy towards both flying-foxes and humans and inspire solutions.”

Mr de Kauwe said council recognised it could be hard living near a flying-fox roost and had a long-term plan to entice flying-foxes to areas where they were happy and so were their neighbours.

“We have also found that educating our community on the importance of flying-foxes and their roosting habits has improved acceptance of the species – and this is another way we hope to do that,” Mr de Kauwe said.

“This choose-your-own adventure-style podcast gives students a chance to consider how our community can live peacefully alongside flying-foxes and is a fun and engaging way to reach the younger members of our community.”

Mr de Kauwe said that in BatPod, listeners were faced with a problem and made a choice on what they thought was the best solution.

“The story’s progression depends on the choices they make,” Mr de Kauwe said.

“Sometimes they’ll get it right or sometimes they’ll get it wrong and have to go back a step to reconsider their actions.

“And they have to do it all within the available budget.

“They have to think critically and consider the needs of both wildlife and our community – and try to find a balance.”

Environment Portfolio Councillor Maria Suarez said using a podcast was another example of council using different channels to get important messages to our community in new and interesting ways.

“This would be great to listen to on the way to and from school or work if you are the passenger and it’s also a great resource for teachers to use in the classroom.

“BatPod is not your average podcast and I encourage students to listen in.”

All BatPod episodes are now available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or on the podcast tab of

BatPod is made possible thanks to funding from the Sunshine Coast Environment Levy. Visit for more tips on living with flying-foxes and the Regional Flying Fox Management Plan.