A night out on Ocean Street is set to become safer
  • Wednesday 03 July 2019

A night out on Ocean Street, Maroochydore is set to become a whole lot safer with the installation of ‘pop up’ bollards to restrict vehicle traffic on Friday and Saturday evenings.

This new community safety infrastructure has been fast-tracked by Sunshine Coast Council in response to concerns raised by Queensland Police Service (QPS), local traders and stakeholders of the Safe Night Sunshine Coast Precinct Association.

Division 8 councillor Jason O’Pray said the bollards were an important step in improving safety in the precinct.

“As part of our commitment toward maintaining a safe precinct, Council has purchased and installed these pop-up bollards to address pedestrian safety concerns during busy periods on Ocean Street.”

We look forward to working with QPS on the ongoing management of the bollards and road closures.” Cr O’Pray said.

Sunshine Coast District Officer, Superintendent Darryl Johnson said the priority for the Sunshine Coast Police is to ensure that the community are able to attend entertainment precincts and licensed premises to enjoy themselves socially and most importantly be safe when they do.

He added that the ability for QPS to make temporary closures to the road provides an additional layer of comfort and security in that vehicles are removed from the area to allow pedestrians to move around freely.

“Road barriers being introduced is an excellent outcome and has resulted from a collective leadership approach from all entities involved to ensure that our community and visitors are as safe as they possibly can be when enjoying a night out on the Sunshine Coast. I am absolutely pleased with the outcome.” said Superintendent Johnson.

President of the Safe Night Sunshine Coast Precinct Association, Alex Johns said since late last year concerns had been increasingly flagged by local stakeholders worried about the potentially problematic combination of increased pedestrian movement and vehicle access along Ocean Street during Friday and Saturday evenings.

“With the increase in numbers of people coming out to enjoy the dining and late-night entertainment along Ocean Street, we are pleased that our concerns have been addressed. Our association strongly supports community safety throughout all three of our local safe night precinct areas of Maroochydore, Mooloolaba and Caloundra, and this initiative represents the outstanding commitment of all those involved to providing a safer and more enjoyable late-night entertainment experience.” said Mr Johns.

The initiative represents an effective collaboration between QPS, Council and members of the Safe Night Sunshine Coast Precinct Association which includes local traders, licensed venue operators, and representatives of government agencies. The bollards to restrict general vehicle traffic to Ocean Street will be managed by QPS during peak trading times, and local operators look forward to providing a safer environment for patrons, visitors and families.

“We are committed to delivering local initiatives that ensures everyone can experience an enjoyable and safe night out. We acknowledge the financial support of Council towards implementing this safety initiative, as well as the ongoing commitment to prioritise public safety demonstrated by our QPS representatives.” said Mr Johns.