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Take energy saving out of the too-hard basket

Autumn may have arrived, but with temps and humidity through the roof, energy bills tend to do the same. Try these


Energy Bills

One of the first steps to saving on your bill is checking if you’re with the right provider.

In 2022 the AEMC found the difference between the cheapest and most expensive energy plan in Queensland was $1,211.

With so many retailers and plans to choose from and with most large comparison sites only showing select retailers, you could be missing out on smaller, possibly more competitive companies.

Using an independent and impartial comparison site will ensure you’re comparing the whole market, providing you with the cheapest deal for your situation.

Top Tips

  • Check your latest energy bill. The Australian Energy Regulator requires providers to include information about plans they have that could save consumers money and also how much they could save by switching to that plan.
  • Take a good look at the components that make up your bill - are your solar panels (if you have them) working as expected or has your usage gone up unexpectedly. 
  • Understanding and then changing your energy tariff could be a pathway to cheaper bills.
  • Knowing when you use your energy and how much you use, will ensure you are served plans tailored to your situation.
  • If you signed up or switched providers during a promotion period, are you still on that rate?
  • Including the value of your solar generation in your calculation to avoid being blinded by shiny feed-in tariffs.

Check out these resources to help you make the best decisions for your situation.

Australian Energy Regulator AEC
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Energy Made Easy - Australian Government energy comparison site

WATTEver - Independent comparison site for energy and gas, which takes your solar feed in into consideration.