Major Events
  • Last updated:
  • 24 Nov 2017

In 2017 the Sunshine Coast will continue to welcome a large number of major events, reinforcing the region’s reputation as the major events capital of regional Australia.

In total the Coast will host over 40 state, national and international, sporting, lifestyle and music events. The region will welcome over 120,000 guests, many of who will stay on after the event and enjoy the beautiful surrounds. To make event guests’ stay as enjoyable as possible, council encourages the community to take part in the events, say a friendly hello and lend a helping hand.

Sponsorship of major and regional events is funded by council’s Tourism and Major Events Levy. The levy promotes the region’s tourist industry and major events and it is estimated that every dollar spent on advertising and promotion through the Tourism and Major Events Levy generates $18 in economic benefit.

View the What's On Events Calendar to find out what is happening and when.