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Sunshine Coast Council is committed to providing you with excellent service and processes when engaging with any area of development. Our services are consistent and accessible and provide positive experiences for our customers and value to our community.  

We do this through:  

  • Positive economic contribution to the region  
  • Responsive products and services for our stakeholders and Council  
  • A high-performance work environment for our staff  

We welcome your applications, questions, and feedback, and are here to help you find clear and simple answers and information.  

Our purpose

Our branch's purpose is to facilitate sustainable development outcomes for the liveability and prosperity of the region.  

This charter outlines the Development Services Branch’s commitment to you and demonstrates what you can expect when engaging with us.  

Our service standards

We aim to ensure our products and services are delivered on time while still achieving desired development outcomes. When partnering with us, you can expect our services to be managed following the relevant legislative requirements and guided by the timeframes outlined below.  

Customer acknowledgement and non-development application-related queries
  • Enquiry or application acknowledged within 2 days.  
Development advice and pre-lodgement meetings
  • Development advice enquiries response within 10 days. 
  • Pre-lodgement meeting held within 15 days of request
  • Pre-lodgement meeting notes issued within 2 days of meeting date. 
Property searches 
  • Search returned within 15 days.  
Planning and Operational Works applications 
  • Priority Assessment applications decided within 10 days (when decision ready*). 
  • Code assessment decided within 3 months. 
  • Impact assessment decided within 6 months. 
Engineering and environment specialist applications 
  • Operational Work application decided within 3 months. 
Building applications 
  • Concurrence agency referral decided within 10 days.
Plumbing applications 
  • FastTrack decided within 2 days. 
  • Standard decided within 10 days. 
  • Final Inspection certificate issued within 2 days of inspection.  
Plan sealing applications 
  • Plan sealing application processed within 20 days. 
  • Bond released within 10 days. 
Planning and Development Certificates 
  • Limited processed within 5 days. 
  • Standard processed within 10 days. 
  • Full processed within 30 days.  

Note: all timeframes are business days and applicable from lodgement unless otherwise stated.  

* Decision ready means after Council has confirmed that there is no information required, where the applicant has provided a satisfactory response to an information request, or where a final response has been received from a State Agency Referral and the application has entered the Decision Part. 

Our commitment to you

The development requirements and process can be difficult to understand and navigate. We are committed to connecting you with the right people so that we can guide you through the process. Our aim is to provide you with the answers and information you need along your development journey, with a focus on removing any complications. 

Make connections

Make connections
  • Engage with you regularly via email, phone, or meeting to address concerns, when required. 
  • Conduct ourselves ethically, professionally, and cooperatively in our communication with you. 
  • Encourage and engage with you on new and innovative ways of improving Council’s services. 
  • Keep you informed of any changes or updates to an application or enquiry. 
  • Build strong partnerships with you to understand your needs and solve issues to achieve a positive outcome. 
  • Ensure strong partnerships with Council’s internal partners to provide you with an integrated seamless experience. 

Uncomplicate the complicated

Uncomplicate the complicated
  • Provide you with access to information to understand any related process.  
  • Provide up-to-date information to assist you with an application or enquiry. 
  • Ensure our interactions and responses are clear, accurate, fair, and timely. 
  • Follow legislation and performance standards when undertaking our work to provide certainty and clarification of processes and timeframes. 
  • Provide clear information and advice ensuring our actions and processes deliver consistent outcomes. 
  • Ensure consistent, high quality, and professional feedback which is reasonable and relevant. 

Pathway of answers

Pathway of answers
  • Assign a council officer to an application or enquiry to be the main contact throughout the process. 
  • Ensure our staff have the required capability to assess or answer your enquiry in a timely manner. 
  • Be proactive in putting forward alternative approaches to facilitate an agreed resolution for you and Council. 
  • Assist in finding answers and resources available for you with other associated entities. 

Our resolution process

We want to work with you to ensure a productive experience, but we understand processes can sometimes be complex. We therefore have open and transparent liaison processes.  

We acknowledge that sometimes you may not be satisfied with the service or advice you receive from us. If this occurs, we want to be able to effectively and efficiently respond to your concerns by utilising our issue resolution process. You can find your project team contact details on your initial email from us following your application.

Contact your Project Manager

Contact your Project Manager

Issues should be raised in the first instance with the Project Manager assigned to your application.
The project manager is responsible for undertaking a detailed assessment of your proposal and is the best person to initially negotiate any issues. You will be informed of the Project Manager and Project Director following lodgement, with the exception of some services. You can be confident that your Project Manager will liaise with relevant technical experts, peers and senior management to ensure they are providing accurate advice in accordance with relevant legislation requirements. 

Refer to Project Director or Principal

Refer to Project Director or Principal

If the issue can not be resolved in consultation with the Project Manager, you may ask for the matter to be referred to the relevant Project Director/Principal or make contact directly.
The Project Director/Principal is responsible for providing technical support and guidance to the Project Manager and, in most cases, will be the contact and decision maker for your application. The majority of issues should be resolved through consultation with the relevant Project Manager and/or Project Director/Principal. 

Refer to Team Leader or Coordinator

Refer to Team Leader or Coordinator

If you continue to have concerns, you may request that the matter be referred to the Team Leader and/or Coordinator. The Team Leader and/or Coordinator is responsible for managing and resolving complex matters in their team. 

Escalate to Branch Manager

Escalate to Branch Manager

If you are still not satisfied with the proposed resolution of your issue, you may request that consultation occur with the Branch Manager.
The Branch Manager is responsible for managing and leading staff to achieve the Branch purpose and goals, including achieving Branch performance targets.  Our preference is that issue resolution occurs within the Branch rather than further escalation to the Group Executive and/or the CEO.

For more information please contact council's development services.

What we ask of you

You can help us deliver the best service to you by:  

  • Treating our staff with courtesy and respect. 
  • Taking responsibility for coordinating high-quality and professional information to assist us in our response. 
  • Taking the time to visit our website, review our guidance material, understand our requirements and use the services available to get the right information. 
  • Advising council when there are changes to your application or enquiry.
  • Providing all relevant information to enable council to undertake a meaningful assessment or investigation and provide the necessary advice back to you. 
  • Maintaining open two-way communication to support a smooth assessment or investigation process  
  • Providing constructive feedback and recognition to Council’s staff on the service received. 
  • Providing us with constructive feedback and innovative ideas about how we can improve. 

Our values

Development Services, as part of Sunshine Coast Council, aims to serve our community with excellence, respect our past, and position our region for the future. 

Care - We care for people and place

Respect - We respect everyone

Trust - We trust and empower

Curious - We explore possibilities

Connected - We are better together

Council is committed to ensuring accessibility for everyone, please contact us if you require assistance on this page.