Plumbing fact sheets

Peruse council's plumbing fact sheets.

If you have an enquiry about any of the fact sheets below, please contact council's development services.


Backflow prevention devices  (DOCX, 1.5MB)
Backflow prevention guidelines  ABCB Cross connection control handbook
Composting toilets (waterless)  (DOCX, 396KB)
Domestic as constructed drainage plans  (DOCX, 1.4MB)
Flood mapping factsheets 
Flood and drainage studies 


Greywater reuse in sewered areas (DOCX, 263KB)
Hydraulic plans minimum standards  (DOCX, 14.MB)


On site sewerage facilities
Land application areas  (DOCX, 398KB)
What is an on-site sewerage facility  (DOCX, 452KB)
On-site sewerage facility responsibilities and complaints  (DOCX, 456KB)
Common failures of on-site sewerage facilities (DOCX, 470KB)
How to maintain an on-site sewerage facility (DOCX, 392KB)
Helpful hints for on-site sewerage facilities (DOCX, 254KB)
Water conservation and on-site sewerage facilities  (DOCX, 293KB)


Septic systems  (DOCX, 458KB)
Septic tank decommissioning procedure  (DOCX, 328KB)
Aerated wastewater treatment systems (DOCX, 379KB)
Water quality
Waterway health monitoring
Urban waterways and nutrient management 
Catchments and water quality 
Catchment water quality improvement program  (DOCX, 284KB)  guidelines (DOCX, 863KB)