The journey so far

A stadium expansion was first discussed in 2015. Check out the milestones that have been achieved along the way.

The journey so far

Here are some of the milestone we achieved since the stadium expansion was first discussed:


  • February – March: Queensland Government Ministerial Infrastructure Designation community consultation. Find out more through our news item.


  • October - pledge of $20 million confirmed by the Queensland State Government.
  • April - pledges of $11 million confirmed from local community philanthropists.
  • February - The $2.7 million stadium lighting upgrade was complete to meet international broadcast standards. Read more.


  • December - Concept design for stage one expansion approved. Council also agreed to commit $17 million towards the project, subject to matching funding being secured from each of the State and Federal governments and other sources. Read more.
  • September - Concept design undertaken.


  • KPMG Feasibility Study presented to council at the September Ordinary Meeting.


  • Council engaged KPMG to investigate the feasibility of developing a national stadium on the Sunshine Coast. Read more.
  • Grass mound construction, increasing capacity to 12,000. The new 36 square metre, LED scoreboard was also installed. Read more.


  • Council adopted the Sunshine Coast Stadium Facility Development Plan 2015-2030. Read more.