Environmentally relevant activities

Information on when you need an approval, how to apply, how to comply and other tools and resources

Sunshine Coast Council regulates environmental relevant activities jointly with the State Government. Your activity may require a licence.

For additional resources please visit the Department of Environment and Science.

When you need an environmental authority

A business that conducts any of the following activities needs to apply to council for an environmental authority:

  • ERA 6 Asphalt Manufacturing (more than 1000t a year)
  • ERA 12 Plastic Product Manufacturing (50t or more of plastic products a year; or 5t or more of foam, composite plastics or rigid fibre-reinforced plastics a year)
  • ERA 19 Metal Forming (hot forming 10,000t or more a year)
  • ERA 38 Surface Coating (anodising, electroplating, enameling or galvanising using 1t to 100t of surface coating materials in a year)
  • ERA 49 Boat Maintenance or Repair (hulls, superstructure or mechanical components of boats or seaplanes)

Note: these are the only ERAs regulated by council, there are additional ERAs regulated by the Queensland Government.

How to apply

Suitable operator registration

Before applying to council for planning approval or an environmental authority, you need to be registered as a suitable operator with Queensland Government.

Planning approval

Some activities may require a development permit before an environmental authority can be granted. If you are unsure if you require planning approval, you can talk with a development information officer at the Maroochydore City Hall building or, you can phone us direct (07) 5475 PLAN (7526).

Environmental authority application

Once you have the development approval or know it's not required you will need to complete the Environmentally relevant activity form (DOCX, 277KB).

The application fees are indicated on the form and it includes a credit card authorisation for payment. You can email the completed form to [email protected].

Alternatively you can submit the application and pay in person at one of council's offices.

Application assessment

Your application will be assessed and the process includes a site inspection by council’s environmental health officer. Complete applications are processed within 20 days.


After approval, you will receive a renewal notice every 12 months.