Help for Private Certifiers
  • Last updated:
  • 19 Oct 2017

As a private certifier, you can lodge documents, submit applications and concurrence agency referral requests online using council’s self-service system MyCouncil.

Registration and online access

To lodge applications online as a private certifier you must request MyCouncil Business Access.

Lodging private certifier application documentation

Once business access has been granted, private certifiers can lodge building application documentation for properties in the Sunshine Coast Council area, as follows:

  • notice of engagement
  • approval documentation
  • final inspection certificate
  • certificate of classification.

To submit a Notice of Engagement

  1. Log into MyCouncil.
  2. Under Private Certifier Applications on the left hand side, click submit.
  3. Follow the steps to lodge a notice of engagement.

The following information will be required:

  • Property description (Lot and plan number)
  • Engagement date
  • Private certifier reference number
  • Brief description of works (This must contain all building work in the application, for example: Dwelling, Retaining Wall and Shed; Dwelling and Swimming Pool; Shed and Retaining Wall.)

Repeat the process to submit further Notice of Engagements.

If you are a replacement certifier, you can submit a notice of engagement and note in the Brief Description of Works that this is a replacement certifier application, for example: Dwelling (Replacement Certifier). Council will update the application status to 'lodged and paid' to enable lodgement of the final certificate.

Locate and view your applications

You can view applications that you have submitted.

  1. Log into MyCouncil.
  2. Under Private Certifier Applications on the left hand side, click Search.
  3. Once you have searched for your application, click View to see the application details.

Lodging documents

You can lodge approval documentation online for your application. (Tenancy/shop name and number are recorded at this stage.) Documents and plans can be submitted separately. All documents must be in PDF format and no larger than 50mb. A maximum of 10 files can be lodged.

  1. Use the instructions above to locate your application.
  2. Once you have located your application, click Lodge.

You cannot amend information on the Lodge Documents screen once it has been greyed out. If you have made a mistake, you must click Start Again and enter the information anew.

Application refusals can only be submitted to council through email, post or to a development service counter.

Other documentation

You can lodge other documentation throughout the application process.

  • Additional documents (for example an amended plan or a report that was omitted when lodgement documents were submitted): Locate the application and click the Add Documents hyperlink.
  • Certificate of Classification: Locate the application and click the Finalise hyperlink.
  • Final Inspection Certificate: Locate the application and click the Finalise hyperlink.

Note: the lodge document function cannot be used to submit a Change to Development Approval. This is a separate function called Change Approval.

Making other updates

To make other updates first locate the application, then:

  • to notify council that the builder for an approval has changed, click the Change Builder hyperlink
  • to submit a change approval, click the Change Approval hyperlink
  • to discontinue the application, click the Discontinue hyperlink.

You cannot make any changes after you submit the last certificate for approval.

Show cause or enforcement notices can only be submitted to council through email, post or to a development service counter.


When you have finished lodging documents, go to the payment cart to pay the fee. The application remains incomplete in council’s property system until payment is made. Credit card details need to be provided each time a payment is processed. You can make a number of lodgements and pay for them in one credit card transaction.

Applications for Referral Agency Response / Council Assessment

In addition to lodging private certifier application documentation, private building certifiers are able to submit the following online:

  • Referral Agency Response - Amenity and aesthetic
  • Referral Agency Response - Building work for removal or rebuilding
  • Referral Agency Response - Siting Provisions
  • Request nomination of road boundary
  • Application for Plumbing and Drainage works.

To submit an application / referral agency response request:

  1. Log into MyCouncil
  2. Under Applications & Searches, click Submit an Application
  3. Click the box to agree to council's Terms and Conditions
  4. Select the application / referral type and complete the required information through to uploading documentation and payment.

Please note that the application is not created until payment has been made. Once payment is complete an application reference number is created.


If you need help using the system or cannot locate your application online contact Building and Plumbing Services on (07) 5475 7526.