MyCouncil – Online Services Support
  • Last updated:
  • 19 Sep 2022

Council’s online self-service system is called MyCouncil. It allows you to quickly complete tasks at your convenience. You can use MyCouncil as a guest to complete common tasks, or register to access more services. Businesses can also register to access business services. Your information is only viewable by you.

The following information provides an overview of MyCouncil and the services available to you as a registered user or guest. You can also refer to the MyCouncil frequently asked questions, or request support or provide feedback.

Access MyCouncil as any one of the following:

Registered user (individual)

Registered users can access all guest user services, plus many more services.

  • The page that loads when you log in is called My Dashboard.
  • Edit your profile from the My Profile tab (to edit your address, notify council)
  • From MyCouncil Services, you can:
    • opt to receive rates notice by email or mail
    • view your information. This includes your property and land, and your council accounts and service requests
    • view your rates balance (under My Properties)
    • pay for multiple items at once by adding them to your shopping cart
    • request a service and track the request
    • make payments (rates, animal registrations and renewals, infringements and debtor accounts)
    • register animals and view and edit their details, pay registration and renewals
    • make a property enquiry/s
    • submit applications including property searches and plumbing applications and pay online.

Note: When registering, you have the option to provide a valid reference number. If you opt not to do this, you will not be able to view your information. You can use any of the following reference numbers:

  • Rate notice BPAY number
  • Animal registration account ID
  • Animal tag number
  • Application or licence renewal number
  • Debtor account number. 

Use MyCouncil as an individual

Registered business

MyCouncil allows users to access services on behalf of a business. Registered users (individuals) can request business access. Allow one to three days for business access to be added to your account.

You need to upload a letter of authorisation to act on behalf of the business. The maximum upload size is 2MB. Only the following file types can be uploaded: PDF, DOC, DOCX, PNG, JPEG. The letter of authorisation must:

  • be on business letterhead
  • include the date
  • include the statement 'is authorised to act on behalf of'
  • be signed by the authorising principal (e.g. director, owner, office bearer).
  • include the full name of the authorising principal.

On behalf of the business, users with full access can:

  • make payments
  • request a service and track the request
  • receive rates notice by email
  • view information about property owned by the business
  • submit plumbing applications
  • view applications
  • submit property searches.

Basic access allows a business representative to lodge applications and make payments only.

Use MyCouncil as a business

Guest user

Without registering or logging in, a guest user can:

  • make payments (rates, animal registrations and renewals, infringements and debtor accounts)
  • save items to your payment cart and return to them later with the reference number provided
  • request a service (for example, fix a pothole). You cannot track the request.

Log on to MyCouncil as a guest user