Sign up with MyCouncil
  • Last updated:
  • 22 Sep 2020

An individual can apply for personal access to MyCouncil and MyCouncil services. Please view the personal access fact sheet for more information regarding the signup process and verifying your account.

An individual person or business can sign up for access to MyCouncil and MyCouncil Services. This provides you with visibility of your available personal or business information in council.
As an unverified customer, you can:
  • submit a service request or application
  • register a new cat or dog (not available on the business dashboard)
  • check your bin day, and
  • link to a business.

As a verified customer, you can view relevant details such as:

  • property details
  • rates balance
  • property services
  • bin collection details, and
  • animal details (not available on the business dashboard).

Please follow these steps to sign up for MyCouncil. 

  1. Open MyCouncil using this link
  2. Select sign up free
  3. You may register with either an email address or via Facebook
Via Facebook
  • Select f Connect
  • Enter your Facebook login email and password and then select Log in
    You will need to log into Facebook if you are not already logged in.
  • Check and update name as required and then select continue
  • The system displays a dashboard including property and rates, animals and service requests
Via Email
  • Select email sign up and enter your email address
  • Check your email address is correct, and then select send verification code
  • An email containing the verification code is sent to your email account
  • Enter the code in the verification code field and then select Verify code
  • Complete the remainder of the form including your password, given name and surname and then select Create
  • The system displays a dashboard including property and rates, animals and service requests
Personalise your dashboard to view your relevant details using one of the following steps:
  • Select + add your property and entering your bank reference number (located on your rates notice).
  • Select + Add your cat or dog and enter your animal tag or animal number
  • Select + Add your existing service request
  • Select + Add your existing application

Note:  if verifying against a bank reference, animal or request number the dashboard will be populated with all relevant details; whereas if verifying against an application the dashboard will be updated with only the applications.  

This will depend on how you use MyCouncil. You could use one email for personal use and a different email for business use if you wanted to keep your business access separate. The same is true if you act as a community group administrator. In both cases, you have to manage each MyCouncil registration separately, and remember both passwords.

You can also combine your work and personal activities under a single registration if you prefer.
No. To retain privacy of information a person must register with an individual email address.

Yes. Select My Account from the quick links option located on the left hand side. Then select Disable Account and select Yes under the confirmation message.

Yes, you're able to make payments as a guest user in MyCouncil. Please view the fact sheet for more information.