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  • Last updated:
  • 25 May 2017
  • Current Council Customer – you own property, have registered an animal or lodged an application, etc. You must provide a valid reference number so MyCouncil can link to your existing council records. 
  • Previous Council Customer – you have previously (but not currently) owned property, registered an animal or lodged an application, etc. To link your account to available information in council records you have the option to provide a valid reference number. 
  • New Council Customer – you have never interacted with council. This is usually someone who has just moved to the region or has gotten an animal. You will not have an option to provide a reference number and will be prompted to confirm that you do not want to be connected to any existing information in council records. 

Note: A valid reference number includes things like a rates notice BPay Reference Number, animal tag number, application number, etc.

This will depend on how you use MyCouncil. You could use one email for personal use and a different email for business use if you wanted to keep your business access separate. The same is true if you act as a community group administrator. In both cases, you have to manage each MyCouncil registration separately, and remember both passwords.

You can also combine your work and personal activities under a single registration if you prefer.
No. To retain privacy of information a person must register with an individual email address. Yes. Click on the MyCouncil Services tab then click Remove Personal Access to MyCouncil Services.