Rates and direct debits
  • Last updated:
  • 22 Sep 2020
  • Log into MyCouncil
  • Select  View more property information located on the Property and Rates tile
  • Select the relevant property
  • Depending on a property’s rates status, you may have an option to:
    • Create Payment Arrangement (pay current rates within the current rate period)
      • click the link and complete and submit the form
      • an arrangement will be created in council's system
      • details will display onscreen and be sent to you in an email
      • details can be viewed during this term by clicking the View Arrangement link
      • no interest will accrue if you pay in line with the terms and conditions.
    • Request Payment Agreement (apply to pay rates where more than $100 of the balance is in arrears)
      • click the link and complete and submit the form
      • council will assess the application before issuing an agreement
      • rates will continue to accrue interest even if an agreement is approved.

Alternatively, you can view the relevant MyCouncil fact sheet[451KB].


  • Log into MyCouncil
  • Select  the relevant property then Create Direct Debit Plan
  • Select the frequency of the payments
    • Due Date

If Due Date is selected the Payment Amount field is removed as the Direct Debit will be processed on the Due Date for the discounted amount owing on the property on the Discount Date.

    • Weekly, fortnightly, and monthly

If you have already created a Due Date Direct Debit, click the Create Recurring Direct Debit Plan link in My Properties. If you haven’t already created a Due Date Direct Debit, click Create Direct Debit Plan in My Properties.

  • Enter the payment amount, BSB, and account number and click Submit

Please download the Direct Debit fact sheet[471KB] for more information.

  • Log into MyCouncil
  • Select Update your rate notice delivery from the Property and Rates information in the dashboard
  • Read the information in blue at the top of the page
  • Using the dropdown in the “New Delivery Method”column select eMail or Post
  • Enter email address
  • Tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions
  • Click Submit.

Register / log in to MyCouncil and go to My Documents under Quick links. You will be able to view the current notice as well as notices going back to July 2017. To request copies of older rates notices select View more property information from your dashboard and click on the Request Past Rates Notices link.