Plumbing Applications
  • Last updated:
  • 29 Jun 2017

Depending on the application categories, you may need some or all of these documents:

  • Form 1 – Plumbing Application
  • Floor Plans and Architectural Plans 
  • Form 7 – Plumbers Details 
  • Hydraulic Plans
  • Soils report. 
No application will be created in council’s system until the fee has been paid.

What the application is for, ie Dwelling – 10 Fixtures, Alterations – 5 Fixtures.

In MyCouncil Services under the Applications & Searches menu click View Applications. A list of your applications (or those lodged on your behalf) will display. Basic information about the application displays. To make amendments to your plumbing application please contact council.
If a property has been added incorrectly you should cancel the application and re-start the lodgement to ensure that the correct application process is selected. If the application has not been paid for, remove it by clicking the red X against the application in the Payment Cart. This will depend what stage you are at.
  • On the application form, click Cancel Application at the top left section of the screen. 
  • In the payment cart (prior to payment), click the red X against the application. 
  • If you have lodged and paid for a plumbing application by mistake please contact council.

The following people can view applications:

  • the person who lodged it
  • people associated with the application (e.g. property owners)
  • staff lodging plumbing applications on behalf of consultants and private certifiers.