Other applications
  • Last updated:
  • 15 Sep 2022

Sign up with MyCouncil as a registered user.

To lodge an application online:

  • Select + Submit a new application which is located on the Applications tile
  • Read, then tick to agree to the terms and conditions, and select Continue
  • Select the type of application under the 
  • Click Next
  • Follow the application loading screens
  • Complete the payment cart.

Registered users can apply for a:

  • Beach Access Permit
  • Commercial Low Impact Permit (Fitness, Food Vendor and Not for profit)
  • Community Use Permit (roadside/street stall)
  • Footpath Trading Permit (Dining or Goods)
  • Community Land Memorial
  • Cemetery Services Application
  • Movable Advertising Signage Application
  • Variable Message Sign
  • Parking Permit
  • Health Licence – Plan Assessment Application
  • Street Performance Permit
  • Events on Community & Private Land
  • Request for Withdrawal of infringement

Please contact council if you have submitted an application and wish to cancel or amend the application.

The application process will provide you with a reference number. It will then proceed to the payment cart (even if it's a nil fee). Once completed it will allow you to enter an email address and send a copy of the application number and successful payment.