Business access
  • Last updated:
  • 14 Aug 2022

If you are an authority for a business, company, trust or superfund, charity, non-profit organisation or a Government agency, you can sign up for MyCouncil business access. Refer to the business access fact sheet (DOCX, 1.8MB) for more information.

Sign up with MyCouncil as a registered user. Once registered, you can link to your business:

  • Select Add a business dashboard, which is located on the Business tile
  • Enter your registered business name in full
  • Click Submit
  • Once the dashboard is added, select My Account from the Quick Links menu
  • Select Businesses
  • Click Verify Business
  • Select and enter a valid reference number from a previously submitted payment, application or customer request in the Reference number field
  • Enter your ABN (ACN accepted)
  • Click Verify.

Provided you have used an existing number, you will gain access to your business information.

If you are unable to verify, you can Report a Data Issue and one of council's officers will be in contact to assist.

Extra verification is needed to view and access other services, including:

It is possible during your interactions with council over time, you may have several name records in our system. If you have details for what is missing; like a reference number, you can try further verifying using these details.

If you are unable to further verify, you can Report a Data Issue and one of council's officers will be in contact to assist to amalgamate your records.

An authorised person will need to sign up with MyCouncil as an individual. Once registered, they can link to your business. They can follow the steps outlined in how do I get access to my business information.

To remove an authorised person:

  • Select My Account from the Quick Links menu
  • Select Businesses
  • A list of current authorised people and their email address will display
  • Locate the person to remove in the list
  • Click X next to the person’s name to Revoke user access
  • Select Yes to confirm you want to remove the person’s access.

When this person logs in next, the business dashboard will no longer appear. They can continue to use their account as an individual or behalf of other businesses.

As many as you like. There is no limit to the number of authorised people for your business.

Yes, you can add and verify more business dashboards. Follow the steps outlined in Question 1. 'How do I get access to my business information?'

Yes. If you are employed by or own a business, you can still access your personal dashboard using the one login. This won’t affect using your business dashboard.

Alternatively, you can set up a separate account with different emails. One for your personal needs and one for your professional needs.

Refer to the sign up FAQs for more information on how to verify your personal dashboard.

If you signed up to MyCouncil before 5 June 2017 and haven't logged in since, you need to register and verify again. You can use the same email and password.

  • Select My Account from the Quick Links menu
  • Select Remove dashboard
  • Click Yes under the confirmation message.