Business Access
  • Last updated:
  • 19 Jan 2016
Full business access allows you to act as an administrator for the business. This means that you can:
  • see all of the information presented online for the business 
  • access all of the functions available 
  • manage people's access on behalf of the business. 
Basic access allows you to act on behalf of the business in a limited way. You can submit requests, make payments and lodge applications on behalf of the business, but cannot see all of the information relating to the business.
You need to:
  • supply a few personal details and some information about your business. 
  • supply a council reference number that relates to your business. 
  • supply a letter of authority on company letterhead to prove you can act on behalf of the business. 
  • choose a password. 
  • choose a secret question and answer in case you call council's customer service centre.
Yes. Follow the instructions on the FAQ: How can I get my rates notices delivered by email? There is no limit to the number of employees you can give basic access to your business. The person that submitted the original request for business access is the only person with administrator access. Yes.
  • Log into MyCouncil. 
  • Select the MyCouncil Services tab. 
  • Select Remove your access to MyCouncil Services for this business. A prompt displays advising: By choosing to remove your access for this business, all online access to the business information will be removed for you and any other linked users. 
  • Select Confirm Remove. 
Your access and any associated users access will be removed from the business. You can still log into MyCouncil and access MyCouncil Services as an individual (Personal Access) or for another registered business.

Yes. Use the drop down menu beside your name or your business name (on the top right of the page).