• Last updated:
  • 12 Jul 2021

1. You cannot enter into an online payment arrangement with council:

    • if you are already involved in a debt recovery action (sale of land)
    • or if you have outstanding rates owing from a previous rating period.

2. Your application and first instalment must be paid by close of business by the due date on your rates notice. Late applicants will incur interest charges until such time as the payment arrangement is received and approved. Interest is charged at 8.03% per annum.

3. Your first payment is to be made within 7 calendar days if you are applying for a payment arrangement after the due date of your current rates notice.

4. Applications can only apply to the current rating period and all payment arrangements expire at the end of the rating period. You will need to reapply each rating period once you receive your new notice.

5. During the term of your agreement, if you receive any further notices for rates and charges you need to pay these in full by the due date in addition to your agreed instalments.

6. You will not incur interest on your current charges if:

      • you keep to the terms of your agreement
      • you make payments on time as per your instalment plan and
      • you pay off the debt in full by the end of the current rating period.

You are responsible for ensuring the final instalment is enough to clear the balance of your outstanding rates. If you still have an outstanding balance once the rating period has ended council will charge 8.03% interest on the amount outstanding. The interest will be backdated to the date of default. You are responsible for ensuring the final instalment is enough to clear the balance of your outstanding rates.

7. Council takes no responsibility in calculating instalments amounts. They are made by the web based application. It is your responsibility to ensure you have made enough payments to clear your rates and avoid any interest charges.

8. Payment arrangements are offered to assist ratepayers to meet financial commitments. If you do not comply with the terms of your arrangement, council:

      • may commence debt recovery action to collect outstanding rates and charges
      • does not need to advise you that an action is commencing.

9. Council reserves the right to reject or cancel the arrangement if it does not meet the required conditions or if the agreed repayments are not maintained.