Olympics Brisbane 2032
  • Last updated:
  • 21 Jul 2021

Sunshine Coast Council has welcomed the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) announcement this evening that Brisbane has secured the rights to host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Sunshine Coast will play an integral role in Brisbane 2032. It will be home to four key venues and several sporting events during the Olympic Games. These include football, basketball, marathon, mountain biking, cycling and kiteboarding.

The Sunshine Coast will also host multiple days of road-based events (marathon and road cycling) during the 2032 Paralympic Games.

The four proposed Sunshine Coast venues include:

  • Kawana Precinct including Sunshine Coast Stadium (football preliminaries). Also the proposed Sunshine Coast Indoor Sports Centre (basketball preliminaries). Note that further investigations into a possible indoor sports centre location for the Maroochydore city centre are to be undertaken.
  • Alexandra Headland which will be the staging area for road based events (Olympic cycling, marathon and race walks, plus Paralympic cycling and marathon). It will also host the kiteboarding competition (sailing).
  • Sunshine Coast Mountain Bike Centre at Parklands (Olympic mountain bike competition)
  • Sunshine Coast Olympic Village to be located in the heart of the new Maroochydore city centre.

In addition to the built venues, the Sunshine Coast is proposed as the host location for:

- cycling (road, time trials and Paralympic disciplines)
- marathon (walk, run and Paralympic disciplines)
- kiteboarding.

This will provide an outstanding opportunity to showcase the natural beauty and attractions of our coastline and our hinterland to a global audience.

An independent economic assessment by KPMG, commissioned by the Queensland Government, has indicated the Games will deliver a total benefit of $8.1 billion for Queensland, and $17.61 billion for Australia.

The report also found that the Games would create 91,600 full time equivalent jobs for Queensland.

The games proposal will evolve over the next 11 years. To view the virtual tour of Brisbane 2032.