Recycle Right bin tag trial
  • Last updated:
  • 28 Apr 2022

Through the Recycle Right bin tag trial, random households will be given feedback on bin tags to help them reduce contamination and improve recycling.

How the recycling bin tag trial will work

Households will be selected at random.

Waste educators will stop by to lift the lid of the recycling bin to look at the top area of the bin. They will not touch or remove any items in the recycling bin.

They will then place a tag on the outside of the bin with helpful tips on how to recycle right.

At the end of the trial, waste educators will assess whether the tags have been helpful in assisting households with recycling right.

What you need to do

If there is a tag on your bin it means your household has been randomly selected to participate in the trial. Please read the tag, share it with your household and check if the tips can help you improve your recycling.

You could also watch our Recycle Right video series for up-to-date information on how to recycle correctly.

Frequently asked questions

Why did I get chosen to be part of this trial?

  • The trial areas are chosen randomly from across Sunshine Coast suburbs.
  • Households in the trial should not be inconvenienced in any way by being part of the trial.

Will I be fined or penalised if my recycling bin is contaminated?

  • No, the recycling bin tag trial is for education purposes only. Your recycling bin will still be collected as normal. Sunshine Coast Council is running the trial to encourage better recycling and learn about current recycling behaviours on the Sunshine Coast.

What is recycling bin contamination?

  • When waste items are put in the recycling bin, they make it more difficult to sort at the Materials Recycling Facility. This is called contamination.
  • The wrong items cause safety issues for staff, damage the machinery, and contaminate the recyclable materials. This lowers the quality of the recycling and makes it more difficult to process and sell the materials collected.

Are the staff delivering the recycling bin tags COVID safe?

  • The waste educators conducting the recycling bin tag trial have completed the Australian Government’s COVID-19 Infection Control Training course and adhere to current Queensland Health guidelines by wearing appropriate protective equipment including gloves and masks (if required) and minimising touching of bins.

Do the waste educators come on to my property and rummage through my bins?

  • The waste educators are from Envirocom Australia – a company which provides specialised waste education services. They only look inside recycling bins that have been placed on the kerb for collection. They will deliver recycling bin tags on regular fortnightly recycling bin collection days for the area between 7:30am and 10.30am.
  • They do not rummage through bins; they only observe material they can see at the top of the bin. The waste educators carry a letter of authorisation from the Sunshine Coast Council. You can ask to see it if you are unsure of what they are doing.

What does the tag mean?

  • The recycling bin tag is designed to give information and feedback to residents about the contents of their recycling bins. If a recycling bin is free from contamination, the tag will let you know you are recycling right. If incorrect items are observed in the recycle bin, the tag will identify those incorrect items.

Residents who are part of the trial are encouraged to keep their recycling bin tag and share it to let the whole household know how to recycle right.