Active school travel
  • Last updated:
  • 23 Sep 2021

Council encourages you to 'leave the car at home' and consider your transport options when travelling to and from school on the Sunshine Coast.

We know that it's not easy for all families to do this all of the time. However, by choosing another transport mode just one day a week you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions from private vehicle use by up to 20% - not to mention reduce traffic congestion around the school. You can make a difference, even if it is only one day a week. You can participate in an active school travel program or event.

Walk, scoot, skate or cycle

The Sunshine Coast has an extensive pathway network with over 1,400 kilometres of sealed pathways. Council is committed to ongoing pathway network improvements, with an emphasis on school precincts.

The Bicycle Network have some great resources on their parent portal to get your children ready to ride. Try the route with your children on the weekend, to find the best route, and see how quick, easy and enjoyable it might be.

Check out our useful resources below to assist with getting started.

Catch the bus

Several school bus providers service Sunshine Coast schools. For information on how and where to catch the school bus, contact Buslink on 5476 6622 or visit buslink. For TransLink services, visit TransLink or call 13 12 30 anytime.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads offer a School Transport Assistance Scheme (STAS) to provide help with school transport costs for eligible families. For information relating to the School Transport Assistance Scheme visit Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Students attending non-state schools may be eligible for assistance under the Non-Government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme. For more information visit the Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme website or phone  (07) 3336 9192.

If your children are using the bus services provided, please ensure that they are familiar with the code of conduct


Carpooling is a great option for those families who have no alternative to driving to school, and has many benefits. You can save time, share the cost of fuel and maintenance, and you don't have to compete for a parking spot every day.

For those families who have no alternative to driving to school, we encourage you to take another child or children with you if you can. This will improve the safety of the school precinct for your children.

Park and walk / ride

If you live too far away from your school to walk or cycle, consider parking a short distance from the school and walking the rest of the way with your children. Part way is okay!

Useful resources

Visit council's cycling webpage for more information and helpful resources.