Public transport guide
  • Last updated:
  • 08 Dec 2018

The Sunshine Coast Public Transport Guide, funded by your Transport Levy, provides a quick overview about public transport choices on the Sunshine Coast, including a detailed map, trip-planning options, guided fare information and travel tips promoting exploration of the Sunshine Coast region. The Sunshine Coast Public Transport Guide aims to reduce single-occupancy motor vehicle trips and will help residents and visitors find their way around the coast using public transport.

Getting a copy of the guide

A copy of the Sunshine Coast Public Transport Guide[1631KB] is available for download.

Hard copies are available from any council office, library or visitor information centre.

Contact council's customer service centre to request a copy, or email


Throughout the guide there are many references to TransLink, the provider of most of the public transport services in South East Queensland. 

For more information on TransLink services, you can consult the TransLink Journey Planner to discover which bus service is the best for you. Alternatively you can call 13 12 30 anytime.

Council acknowledges Translink Transit Authority and the Department of Transport and Main Roads for their valuable assistance in producing the guide.

Note: Make sure to check service information regarding routes, times or alterations before undertaking travel to make sure the service is still current.