Sunshine Coast Health Precinct and Birtinya Parking
  • Last updated:
  • 01 Jan 2018
A new on-street parking management strategy is in place around the Sunshine Coast health precinct and Birtinya, to benefit local businesses and residents. This is part of council’s larger, precinct-wide strategy to ensure the right people park in the right places, and so do safely.


Please see the detailed map (updated map current as of 26 May 2017) for a clear overview of the parking management strategy. 

On-street parking options

The on-street parking options around the Sunshine Coast health precinct changed on 30 January 2017.

The 127 metered parking bays along Birtinya Blvd, Eccles Blvd, Bright Pl and Shine Ct are now two-hour paid metered parking, between 8am-5pm, seven days per week. These areas are two-hour parking at all other times.

The meters use smart technology and can be topped up with coins, credit cards and smart phones through the specially designed EasyPark app.

The 80 bays along Lake Kawana Blvd between Kawana Way and Birtinya Blvd, are 3P 24/7, with meters considered in the future.

This is in addition to the privately run, multi-level car parks.

Please note the extend of the parking managed by council in the health precinct is around 2% of the total supply.

Pay with EasyPark

Passengers will be able to use the EasyPark app to locate the parks for their drivers and, if staying longer than planned, can top up via the app or by calling 1300 734 070 when away from their car - up to a maximum of two hours total parking time.

• Call EasyPark 1300 734 070

• Download the EasyPark app on your Smartphone

View a ‘how to’ video on the EasyPark app

• Find out more about EasyPark

How to use the EasyPark app

In ground parking sensors integrated with the EasyPark app allow customers to view available parking bays in real time before arrival to the area.

  1. Once parked, customers enter the 4 digit EasyPark area code (which will be visible on pole mounted signs and parking meters) or select it from the map on the EasyPark app. 
  2. Customers enter their rego number, select an end time and start parking. 
  3. Customers using EasyPark will receive a reminder to their phone 15 minutes before their parking time is up. They can then choose to extend parking or come out to move their car if the parking time limit is reached. 
  4. When leaving the bay click stop parking and pay only for the time actually used. 
Alternatively, customers can choose to pay at the parking meters according to their bay number using coins or credit card.

Public transport options

New bus services are now in place around the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. There are additional routes, improved frequency for a number of existing services, reduced fares and a new bus network for Nambour. Visit TransLink’s Journey planner to find out how you can make your journey to the Sunshine Coast health precinct.

Parking in residential streets

From 1 June 2017, a six month trial will take place (to 1 December 2017) for residential parking permits in the Birtinya Regulated Parking Area.

A one hour (1P) limit will be implemented in the purple area on the detailed map (updated map current as of 26 May 2017) at the following times:

  • 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday
  • 8 am to noon Saturday
  • not applicable on Sunday.
Residential parking permits are available to allow residents to park on the street for unlimited periods (permits not required if residents wish to park on their own property).

The fee for the permit has been waived during the trial. Two permits can be issued per household, made up of one resident and one visitor permit.

To apply for a parking permit please visit Parking Permits.

The best parking solutions for all users 

The Sunshine Coast health precinct offers ample parking options for visitors and staff. Visitors can choose from four parking stations. P1 and P2 multi-deck and P3 at-grade car parks are located at the Sunshine Coast Health Campus. Another option is the Secure P Parking Station on Eccles Blvd. 

For all Sunshine Coast University Hospital staff parking queries please contact Queensland Health.

Visit Sunshine Coast University Hospital website for parking and transport options.

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