Funding from Other Organisations
  • Last updated:
  • 01 Jun 2017

You can access grants from other organisations apart from council. You or your organisation may be eligible for external grants to:
  • develop and run programs 
  • upgrade or construct new infrastructure 
  • buy and upgrade equipment.

Use the External Grants Directory to search for grants in your area of interest.

If your organisation provides grants or funding and you would like to list it on this site, please contact

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External funding opportunities

Other resources for community organisations

GiveNow - If you are a community organisation or not for profit organisation which is incorporated you can apply to receive donations on the GiveNow website. An initiative of the Our Community Foundation, GiveNow is designed to inspire and transform giving in Australia. 

GrantGuru - Find grants and funding programs for community based and not-for-profit organisations on this free searchable national database.

Our Community provides advice, tools, resources and training for Australia's not-for-profits.

Photo Opportunities  - Community organisations have access to free professional quality photographs of their projects, activities and events. This website links these groups with amateur photographers keen to gain experience.

Sports and Recreation Governance Scholarships - Fifty $1,000 scholarships towards Diploma of Business (Governance) enrolments for sporting organisations to expand governance knowledge and skills. 

Justice Connect Not-for-profit Law regularly runs webinars on a variety of topics that affect community organisations.

Building Active Communities Workshops is the Queensland Government's free online training program. Available courses include:

  • Committee Management
  • Financial Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Fundraising, Grants and Sponsorship
  • Strategic Planning
  • Laws Insurance
  • Risk Management.


This information is a guide to assist in grant funding. For more information regarding sponsorships, email .

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising money from a large number of people usually by an internet/social media campaign directed at people who want to see your project, event or activity go ahead or are keen to support it.

Chuffed is a Crowdfunding campaign that supports social causes. 

Sponsorship is generally recognised as financial support received from a sponsor, associated with an entrant, event or organisation, which results in evident benefits for the sponsoring company (image/profile enhancement). Sponsorship support can be of:
  •  an event 
  •  an organisation 
  •  an individual 
  •  an object 
  •  a team.

Benefits offered to the sponsored group (or individual) by the sponsor can include: 

  •  exclusive rights 
  •  brand image 
  •  hospitality
  •  product sampling 
  •  signage rights 
  •  merchandise 
  •  networking 
  •  media / publicity opportunities 
  •  use of personalities for advertising and promotions
  •  retail or trade incentives.

 Things to consider 

When looking for sponsorship, consider the following: 

  •  How much funding is needed? 
  •  What can you offer the sponsor? 
  • - what are the benefits?
    - what is the sponsorship value? 
  •  Look at potential sponsors. 
  •  Write a proposal to the sponsor.
  •  Plan the interview or presentation. 
  •  Will you need a formal agreement? 
  •  Look after your sponsor.
  • - manage the relationship.
    - protect your sponsor.

 Looking for sponsorship 

Council's Community Programs and Events have put together a factsheet on sponsorship or visit council's scene Community Kit for further information.