Support for volunteers
  • Last updated:
  • 18 Mar 2020

The Sunshine Coast Community Strategy 2019-2041 provides a long-term framework for how council and our community will work together to advance our shared goal of a strong community through to 2041. This Strategy represents the needs and aspirations of the whole community and council's commitment to strengthen the substantial contribution made by volunteers and volunteer organisations on the Sunshine Coast.  

Sunshine Coast Volunteer Sector Reference Group

The Sunshine Coast Volunteer Sector Reference Group is made up of members from many organisations across the region who manage volunteers.

These organisations vary in the services they deliver on the Sunshine Coast from providing volunteers to other organisations, animal welfare, children’s services, community transport, aged care services, to health and welfare and many more. Meetings provide an opportunity to network and share the challenges encountered in day to day operations. There are also opportunities to collaborate on events such as National Volunteer Week and International Volunteer Day.

The reference group will work with council to provide feedback and advice on matters relating to:

  • volunteers / volunteering on the Sunshine Coast
  • the Volunteer Sector Action Plan
  • council’s target rate of 25 per cent community participation in volunteering.

For more information, or if your organisation is interested in being a representative on the Volunteer Sector Reference Group, please email

To join one of council's volunteering programs or for links to local volunteering opportunities and information visit - Volunteering