Seniors: Positive Ageing
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  • 02 Feb 2018

Positive ageing is the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle, enjoy quality social connections and feel welcomed in the community. It is also about feeling empowered and valued as a community member, participating in the workforce if desired, and having access to information and services.

Council acknowledges that older people play a vital role in the region’s communities and it is important to recognise and respect the significant contribution older people make to this vibrant region.

The Sunshine Coast Positive Ageing Strategy 2011 – 2016 provided focus for council’s commitments to seniors on the Sunshine Coast for the previous five years. The Community Planning and Development Branch of the Sunshine Coast Council is working on a Positive Ageing Action Plan to provide continued focus for council’s commitment to the older population in our region.

Sunshine Coast Positive Ageing Survey 2017

To shape the Positive Ageing Action Plan, council sought input from community residents both over and under 65 years of age to provide comment on ageing, community engagement and challenges for the senior population in this region.

The survey period has now closed and the information provided will been greatly beneficial in the development a Draft Positive Ageing Action Plan. The Draft Positive Ageing Action Plan will be released for community feedback in early 2018.

The survey period is now closed. Gift Voucher Winner: Diane Gibbons.

Positive Ageing Strategy 2011-2016

Council developed the Sunshine Coast Positive Ageing Strategy 2011-2016 to focus on its commitments to older people on the Sunshine Coast.

The strategy recognises the many significant contributions older people make to local communities and emphasises the need to work in partnership with other key agencies to address the changing needs of older people on the Sunshine Coast.

Foundation paper

The Sunshine Coast Positive Ageing Foundation Paper 2011 presents an overview of research on the issues associated with ageing, providing a solid evidence base on which to build the Positive Ageing Strategy. As well as a profile of older Sunshine Coast residents, the paper provides a summary of the international, national, state and local policy context and an overview of key themes identified by other local government ageing strategies.

Healthy Sunshine Coast Seniors Fitness Classes

Healthy Sunshine Coast offers a range of free and low cost fitness classes at a range of locations across the region for the over 55's. View the full timetable.

Rebates and concessions

Council offers a rates remission if you hold one of the following:

  • current Queensland Centrelink concession card
  • Veteran Affairs Gold card.

Dog and Cat Registration

You are entitled to free dog and cat registration if:

  • the animal is desexed
  • the animal is microchipped
  • you hold a current Queensland Centrelink concession card, or
  • you hold a Veteran Affairs Gold card.

Council Link

Council Link helps with affordable transport services for people with disabilities, their carers, minors under the care of eligible people and people over the age of 60. It improves their wellbeing and social interactions and helps them enjoy a convenient shopping experience.

Council Link is a service provided by council in partnership with ComLink and funded by the Public Transport Levy.


Council’s Community Development Officer is employed to support older people within the region. The role of the Community Development Officer is to work in partnership with older people, community services, government agencies and the wider community to develop and implement appropriate responses to address the needs of the Sunshine Coast’s older population.

Contact council's Community Development officer on (07) 5441 8261 or email

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