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Sunshine Coast Multicultural Advisory Group
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  • 29 Jul 2019

Establishing the Sunshine Coast Multicultural Advisory Group is a key action within the Sunshine Coast Multicultural Action Plan 2017-2020 (MAP). The Group will provide expert advice and a structure for the delivery of the MAP priority areas and actions.

 Role of the group

The group’s role is to:

• Support the deliverables under each of the Actions in the MAP through the provision of expert advice.
• Provide rigorous and transparent advice to Council on its policies, plans, programs and services as they relate to the multicultural community and sector.
• Assist Council to promote the benefits of the MAP.
• Provide advice to Council regarding effective engagement with the multicultural community and sector.
• Assist with reporting, reviewing and updating of the MAP.

Group members

Members of the group have a diverse range of skills, expertise and professional insight in strategic planning and the development of multicultural policy. The group have extensive experience working with multicultural groups and communities and they understand the needs and issues affecting them. Their commitment is to enhance opportunities and make a positive difference for multicultural residents.


Dr Umi Khattab, Senior Lecturer, School of Communication & Creative Industries, University of the Sunshine Coast

Umi Khattab is currently senior lecturer in public relations and media studies at the University of the Sunshine coast, Qld. Prior to joining the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), Umi Khattab taught and researched at the University of Melbourne where she coordinated the honours and post graduate diploma programs in media communication for almost seven years. Umi was associate professor in communication from 1999-2003 and 2009-2011 while teaching and researching at national and regional universities in Malaysia for almost 20 years.

While teaching in Malaysia, Umi wrote as a columnist for Malaysia’s mainstream English language newspaper, The New Straits Times, and continues to freelance.

Umi actively works in academic and professional associations such as the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) where she is Vice-Chair of the Diaspora and Media Working Party and the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) where she is a member of the Education Community Committee. Umi is an editorial board member of the Asia Pacific Media Educator Journal and she publishes widely in the areas of media, culture and identity with an applied focus on mediatised risk and crisis communication.

Umi has supervised numerous postgraduate students to completion. Since joining the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) in 2012, Umi has served in various university committees and has been working closely with local communities and public relations practitioners.


David Hollinsworth, Adjunct Professor in Indigenous Studies, Faculty of Arts, Business and Law, University of the Sunshine Coast

David has taught Indigenous studies, sociology and anti-racism since 1974 at various universities. He has been an elected member of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Studies from 1998 to 2019. David won an Office of Learning and Teaching Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning: For inspirational teaching that challenges and supports social science students to critically examine racism, social justice and positionality, transforming their personal and professional lives.

He has published 3 editions of the major textbook, Race and Racism in Australia. From 2005 to 2008, with Professor Hurriyet Babacan, David conducted the Queensland government funded Confronting Racism in Communities Project researching the experiences of CALD communities across Queensland and developing training and political responses to discrimination and abuse. Apart from his academic and scholarly work David has been a consultant to community organisations, and state and federal governments since the early 1980s.

David is particularly interested in multicultural economy this includes, “placing appropriate value on the productivity benefits of such international and intercultural diversity”. He is especially committed enabling contribution and participation for our multicultural community and states “without that the whole exercise will collapse”.


Ken Thorpe, Department of Human Services, Multicultural Services Officer

Ken has connected with and helped many migrant and refugee communities. He has worked with employees, community agencies and government departments to provide information, attend and facilitate forums, and build community and inter-agency networks. He has also actively been part of planning committees for the annual Harmony Day Celebrations, Ocean Street World Festival and many local community events.

Ken brings a strong strategic alignment between government organisations and extensive local connections. The Department of Human Services priorities are to increase awareness around cultural diversity, participate in and facilitate social inclusion forums and grow the capacity of our CALD citizens so they can participate with confidence in everyday life.
Ken believes, “employment and education are two of the major barriers to social inclusion within the CALD community and [he] would like to think that in a “five year plan” that the Sunshine Coast Multicultural Advisory Group would work towards breaking down some of the barriers in the community by increasing awareness and promoting the benefits of a multicultural workforce and community as a whole”.

 Image Mote E Dambo

Mote is a 24-year old graduate from the University of the Sunshine Coast where he completed a regional and urban planning degree.
Mote currently works as a banker, and recently completed a term with Queensland Youth Parliament, leading youth teams and advising on diversity and community.

Mote was also a volunteer youth leader at a youth group in Woombye for five years and he has spent a large part of his life talking and engaging with people through his work and community volunteering. Mote has served on non-for-profit boards, and is a current member of Sunshine Coast Youth Councils.
Mote is well connected through youth work and community volunteering around diversity and inclusion, he also brings with him personal migrant experiences.
Mote highlights the impending Sunshine Coast population growth and the importance of migrant communities feeling included and valued during this population surge. He believes opportunities for multiculturalism can include “consultation, community projects and awareness”.
Mote offers a younger persons perspective and experience in advocacy at multiple levels of government.
 Image Peppi Bueti, Director, Queensland Advertising and Public Relations

Peppi has over 25 years’ experience in communications and marketing.
He has tutored public relations students at the University of the Sunshine Coast and is a member of the Executive Committee for the Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce, he is also a former local UDIA branch executive member. Further memberships include Caloundra Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Chamber of Commerce (QLD).

Peppi brings a great capacity for partnership building and working with other organisations and groups, particularly within a multicultural context. He is the founder of the Sunshine Coast Multicultural Excellence Awards and assisted in delivering the Migrant Business Acceleration Program.
As the son of Italian migrants, Peppi is driven by a desire to make a positive contribution and to assist migrants in their transition to become an integral part of our community through access to economic and social opportunities.
He would like to see migrants receive access to training and support services, mentor and leadership opportunities and the ongoing promotion and understanding of the benefits of a multicultural community.

 Image Dr. Beverly Kabuya Muito

Beverly works in the community as a pharmacist. She is well connected and understands a wide range of challenges and concerns for our migrant communities.
As a recent migrant to the Sunshine Coast, Beverly draws on her personal migrant experiences and raises concerns around access to mental health services during the most difficult and challenging settlement period.

Beverly would like to see an increase of positive media exposure for migrants, she points out that "telling peoples stories will help migrants feel more at home through seeing people like themselves in the media".
Beverly also highlights that opportunities that encourage the full participation of all community members, local and otherwise, need to be created which will result in a greater sense of belonging, 'ownership' and camaraderie. She is a great believer in every individual having something positive to contribute from whichever colourful background they are from.
  Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Naveed, Muslim Organisation of Sunshine Coast

Dr Naveed belongs to the Muslim faith and represents the Muslim Organisation of Sunshine Coast (MOSC).
He has held an esteemed career as a Doctor specialising in psychiatry and mental health. Dr Naveed currently works as the Registrar Mental Health at Sunshine Coast Mental Health Services.
Dr Naveed, is well connected across Sunshine Coast multicultural communities and has stated he is interested in “developing programs to help the diversified groups on the Sunshine Coast feel more integrated and secure”.
Dr Naveed, believes we can enhance social inclusion through encouraging cross cultural connections – starting with neighbour to neighbour. He identifies the potential for cultural groups who are not interacting to form subcultures which can potentially be divisive and problematic to a cohesive community in the future.
Dr Naveed also sees opportunity within tourism which could “benefit from being more culturally oriented and accommodating”.
Dr Naveed, brings extensive knowledge and insights that will enable MAG to stay in front of social cohesion issues. With the impending opening of the Mosque in Maroochydore he will be an important contributor

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