The Lift Project Sunshine Coast
  • Last updated:
  • 31 Aug 2021

The Lift Project is an online program presented by wellbeing expert Dr Darren Morton from Lift Lifestyle Medicine. It draws together the latest research from Neuroscience, Lifestyle Medicine and Positive Psychology. The program explores wellbeing-enhancing topics over ten weeks that have an emphasis on improving mental wellbeing.

Feedback [144KB] showed that 93% of participants said the program improved their wellbeing, with comments such as “I learned where happiness and wellbeing come from. It turns out it’s much easier to get than I originally thought. This program changed my life! Thank you so much.”

The Lift Project Sunshine Coast is currently in its fourth and final round. It is not anticipated at this point, that further rounds of the program will be offered.

If you are interested in finding more about The Lift Project, please visit The Lift Project.