Gentle movement
  • Last updated:
  • 04 May 2021

Find the joy in gentle, low impact exercise classes and venture to some amazing and unique locations for Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and Meditation and Mindfulness.


It's time to decide how you will Choose to Move - Participate now.

New in May - more Low Cost Community Yoga park locations for you to enjoy! Join two classes each week on Chambers Island in Maroochydore, Thursdays at Martin Rungert Park in the Mooloolah township and a new Friday class at Jack Morgan Park in Coolum.   


It's time to Choose to Move - Participate now in these safe, friendly, fun exercise sessions. 

Four simple steps to participate: 1. JOIN - You must JOIN THE MOVEMENT before your first class, a one-time online free registration 2. BROWSE - Once you've joined, browse and select classes to attend 3. CONNECT - Follow instructions and make contact with Service Providers if you need to book 4. ATTEND - Enjoy, then repeat!

Choose from a wide variety of weekly options with free and low cost sessions to attend.