Active seniors
  • Last updated:
  • 31 Aug 2021

Stay physically active as you age with enjoyable activities specially tailored for over 55s. Low impact classes are designed keep you moving by encouraging regular exercise to help maintain or improve strength, balance and flexibility.

There are classes to suit most levels of fitness and our supportive instructors will help you to get moving in a safe and gentle way. Ageless Grace it's fitness for your body and brain done seated in a chair to music! For seniors wanting a bit more of a challenge, join one of the many Group Fitness Sessions which provide another option for safe and social weekly exercise. Check out the new group circuit session at Caloundra YMCA on Wednesday mornings which replaces the Active Seniors at Caloundra Stadium which will be a mass vaccination chub until the end of the year. 


It's time to Choose to Move - Participate now in these safe, friendly, fun exercise sessions. 

Four simple steps to participate: 1. JOIN - You must JOIN THE MOVEMENT before your first class, a one-time online free registration 2. BROWSE - Once you've joined, browse and select classes to attend 3. CONNECT - Follow instructions and make contact with Service Providers if you need to book 4. ATTEND - Enjoy, then repeat!

Choose from a wide variety of weekly options with free and low cost sessions to attend.