Club planning and communication
  • Last updated:
  • 05 Jun 2020

Council is committed to supporting community based sport and recreation organisations. It provides useful tips and information on its Community Sport and Recreation webpage including club development, governance and other resources.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery, its important to stay informed and actively seek information that is up-to-date and from a reliable source. There is an overwhelming amount of information, guides, fact sheets, downloadable resources and online courses and webinars. Its important to keep in regular contact with your sports or industry peak body to learn about specific issues and requirements for your sport.

Open lines of communication

  • Keep your website up to date and have signage at your facility entrances about the status of your closure/reopening/restrictions
  • Ensure social media content is update to date and post relevant information regularly
  • Send regular newsletters and only share information and resources from reliable sources - use links to webpages rather than rewording content
  • Include everyone - committee and/or board members, employees and volunteers, players and participants, sponsors and supporters, other users of your facilities. 

Planning for recovery

Access the information and resources available from the Queensland Government and your peak sport or industry body.  There are plans, guides, templates to download and use as a basis for your own recovery plans - so you do not have to start from scratch.

There is a lot to consider. A good start is to review your financial position to find out where your organisation is currently.  This knowledge will assist your group make informed decisions about its immediate future and priorities. You will need to create short term plans for the balance of the season or year. Things to consider include:

  • Who will manage tasks/be responsible for the various COVID related requirements? 
  • How will meetings and record keeping be carried out?
  • How can operational costs be reduced?
  • What future or extra expenses do you anticipate?
  • How will you address changes or shortfalls in income and fundraising?
  • What grants and support programs are available to access?
  • Who will manage applications? What assistance has been secured already?
  • What outside services will your organisation can need? Legal, HR, accounting etc.  
  • How will the remainder of your season/games/fixtures be accommodated? Can the season be extended?
  • How are existing members and membership fees being managed? What changes will be required in the future?
  • Can refurbishment of infrastructure projects continue as planned? Can some projects be brought forward?
  • Are you in a position to offer cashless transactions and online services? Has contact be made with your bank/financial institution?
  • Are all your insurances up to date? Do your policies need to be updated? 

For facilities and club houses which remain closed, consider the following:  

  • Suspend or reduce waste collection services as required
  • Empty and turn off fridges and freezers (leave doors ajar)
  • Unplug other electrical appliances not in use
  • Clear canteens of unused stock and cancel orders
  • Review security measures ie. security, lighting, surveillance
  • Safely store away any portable equipment
  • Cease or adjust cleaning contracts and outdoor contracted services 
  • Continue with regular and annual maintenance ie. pest control, clearing gutters, tag & test 

Engage with your members

Stay consistent with your social media activity or electronic communication. Although we're all being bombarded with news and messages, it's important to stay in touch with your members, players and supporters. To make your messages personal and relevant, here are some ideas:

  • When creating social media posts, be creative. Try think outside the box as connection is so important right now.
  • Post photos or videos of past events or activities so members can reminisce and share their memories
  • Talk about any upgrades/improvements/works going on at the club or grounds - or what is still being planned
  • Photos of club committee smiling, waving and saying hello is a great way to connect to your members
  • A statement or message from the president and/or the committee is a great way to show leadership and direction
  • If the club needs help with specific tasks, do a call out for volunteers through people already connected to you
  • Ensure continuous content by creating a plan and having someone coordinate this for you