Sunshine Fiddle Camp
The Sunshine Fiddle Camp is a place where all are welcome to come and develop their skills across a variety of musical genres, including Scottish, Scandinavian, Bluegrass and Old Time. We have world class tutors experienced in performance, composition, arranging and improvisation. The camp is tailored towards fiddles and cellos, however all instruments are welcome! The 2017 camp dates are 3rd - 8th January. Our tutors are Lena Jonsson (Sweden), Ben Sollee (USA), Maggie Adamson (Scotland) and Rhiannon & Monique (AUS). Our Classes are based on ear-learning level and include: Advanced Intermediate Escargo (Slower paced) Kids Beginners - if you've just started playing the violin or started a long time ago and wish to restart learning, this is the class for you. The Sunshine Fiddle camp is located at Alexandra Park Conference Centre in the heart of the Sunshine Coast beaches. We specifically work with: Anyone