Silver Fox Ambassador Volunteers Wanted
The Silver Fox provides a unique opportunity for children and Seniors to learn from each other through a wealth of life experience and knowledge shared. We innovate, share, and build connections throughout the Sunshine Coast by engaging Senior Volunteers in classrooms with literacy and living history activities. The Silver Fox is an intergenerational program. It is a highly effective and beneficial collaboration for all involved. As a community we have become generationally segregated. Integrated communities counter social isolation and allow for a sharing of knowledge and wisdom that only Seniors can provide. The benefits are many, together let's recast age in a dynamic light. We welcome applications now. Please visit Staff / Regular Volunteers: Currently 1-20 members / staff. We reach: Currently 51-1000 people Volunteer with us: Silver Fox values the contributions our senior volunteers make through service to their communities. We specifically work with: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, Men, Multicultural People, Older People, Women Retired men and women looking to share a rich life story and experiences as a mentor to students.
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    Silver Fox Ambassador Volunteers Wanted
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    Francis Hartnett
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