Saver Plus
Learn to save and save to learn with Saver Plus. Saver Plus is a free program that provides financial education, budgeting and savings tips. Complete the program and receive up to $500 towards education costs for you or your child, including, laptops, school uniforms and more. You may be eligible to join if you: * have a Centrelink Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card * are at least 18 years old * have some regular income from work (yourself or your partner) including casual, part-time, full-time or seasonal work, and * have a child at school or attend vocational education yourself To find out more: call or SMS your postcode to 1300 610 355 email: visit We specifically work with: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, Adults, Families, Men, Multicultural People, People with a Disability, Women, Youth