Quality Lifestyle Alliance
Since inception in 1992 Quality Lifestyle Alliance Inc.’s mission is to assist people with a disability, who have received funding to live the lifestyle of their choice in their own home. Our clients are included in formulating all aspects of their care and have the final say in how it is provided, in line with legal and organisational policies and procedures. The organisation is fully accredited. Home Care Employees are employed to assist people with disabilities in all aspects of their lives including, personal care, community access, studying, social and recreational activities and the like. QLA is unique in that members of the Committee are clients themselves and parents of clients with a disability. The wisdom and insight of our Committee provide a great deal of experience and knowledge to assist the professional running of the organisation. We specifically work with: People with a Disability QLA supports people with disabilities between 18 and 65 years old.
  • Group / organisation name:
    Quality Lifestyle Alliance
  • Contact person:
    Claudiene Duarte
  • Telephone:
    5443 9777
  • Email: