Love Me Love You Foundation
Love Me Love You programs and campaigns are accredited and supported by renowned Health Professionals and Industry leaders. Our "Lifetime of Wellbeing" program is approved by the Federal Government and Beyond Blue as part of the 'National Education Initiative'. Our aim is to foster positive societal change in the Mental Health outcomes of our community. The programs are aimed at educating young adults about the importance of mental health and wellbeing and empowering them to get back to school,back to sport and back to life. Schools, Parents, Sports clubs, businesses and service providers will all benefit from our educational programs. Our Youth Mental Health First Aid Course (Welfare Warriors) is particularly suitable for parents,teachers,sports coaches and youth workers. We have a Lifetime of Wellbeing program suitable for schools, businesses/workplaces and sporting clubs. By fostering a positive change through awareness,education and acceptance we can begin to remove the stigma associated with Mental Health. Love Me Love You has just recently launched into Queensland covering all City and Regional Areas, Far North Queensland.