Living with complex PTSD
Having had trauma throughout my childhood and teenage years and being diagnosed with complex PTSD myself, I know how difficult life can be with a mental health disorder. More than 10 years ago I started my long journey of reclaiming my life. Yes, it was hard work. These days I have an amazing life full of joy and love. I am now very passionate about talking to other people who are living with the aftermath of trauma and need to learn to manage symptoms like myself. Most of all I wish to reach people who isolate themselves like I did. I create videos for my YouTube channel and webpage every week, in the hope to spark some hope for a better life in others. We also have a support group at the Kawana Library on the first Sunday of every month from 6.30 to 8pm.
  • Group / organisation name:
    Living with complex PTSD
  • Contact person:
    Tanja Windegger
  • Telephone:
    0400 226 664
  • Email: