Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall
"Doc Lures" is the original mad scientist..... at least when it comes to the making of hand-crafted, artisan fishing lures. The Doc is an internationally recognised authority on the making and use of hand crafted fishing lures. He's the author of multiple eBooks and at least one printed book on the subject of lure making. Through his books, ebooks, webinars, online and offline courses, the Doc has brought lure making to tens of thousands of enthusiasts from around Australia and around the world.  His message is simple: If you want better fishing, don't ignore hand made wooden lures. In this day of cheap, throw away plastic, custom wooden lures are still at the pinnacle of effective fishing tackle. Check out our website for free information and downloads, or to find out what lure making events are planned for the Sunshine Coast! Staff / Regular Volunteers: Currently 1-20 members / staff. We reach: Currently over 1000 people Fees / Subscriptions: Sometimes - I provide a combination of free and paid information products, classes, demonstrations and videos. We specifically work with: Men Recreational sports fishermen
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    Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall
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    Greg Vinall
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    0456 055 011
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