Blue Heart Support Group
Anxiety? Stress? Feeling isolated, overwhelmed or even lonely? You are not alone. Blue Heart Support group has been created for anyone who struggles with these experiences. It is a new support group and it is just starting, but the support would be much appreciated! Come along to the group; share as much as you want OR as little as you want! This group is not a professional counselling session but it will be a safe place and a support network for anyone who needs to talk. This can also lead to meeting a new social group who are going through the same or similar experiences! This is a free Support Group! If you have any questions on meet up times, or if you cannot make the group meetings, email me and I can be your ear to listen, contact details are below. Email: Do not hesitate to email, I will respond as soon as possible.
  • Group / organisation name:
    Blue Heart Support Group
  • Contact person:
    Kate Lane
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