128 Army Cadet Unit (Yandina)
The unit welcomes all teenagers (both male and female) who meet the joining criteria on the Army Cadets webpage. We undertake a wide range of activities, from weekend bivouacs, through to week long camps with cadets from all over Southern Queensland, as well as ceremonial guards and marches, community support and adventure training. We aim to offer all cadets as many opportunities as possible to improve their abilities whilst having fun in a safe and supervised environment. A key unit objective is the development of young leaders through practical experience in a bush environment. The unit parades at the Army Reserve Depot on Cordwell Road, Yandina on a Sunday. Typically we have two Sunday parades and a weekend activity in a 6 week cycle. We typically run two recruit intakes per year - at the start of February and in mid June. Please email the unit on 128ACU@cadetnet.gov.au
  • Group / organisation name:
    128 Army Cadet Unit (Yandina)
  • Contact person:
    Andrew Cummings
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