Be neighbourly
  • Last updated:
  • 25 Nov 2020

At Home in my Neighbourhood aims to build friendly, connected and inclusive neighbourhoods. Neighbour to neighbour, street to street and neighbourhood to neighbourhood.

Council has brought together resources, ideas and information to assist you to explore different opportunities to become a more connected and supportive neighbourhood.

“There are no strangers in a healthy community” Peter Kenyon

Why should you connect with your neighbours? 

  • to have fun and celebrate
  • to hear new and interesting stories
  • to share knowledge, skills and resources
  • to learn about your neighbourhood history or create the history!
  • to recognise your neighbours and learn a little about each other
  • to create a neighbourhood that’s inclusive and safe
  • to collaborate and take action for the benefit of the neighbourhood
  • to know who might need a little extra help
  • to create a sense of belonging – a place where you feel at home
  • to welcome new people into the neighbourhood

Tips on how to create connections with your neighbours

Coming together to share ideas and plan a gathering or undertake a neighbourhood project is a great way to meet your neighbours, build friendships and have fun.

  1. Reach out and check on your neighbours and assist those who may be isolated or unable to cope, especially our older neighbours. 
  2. Leave a contact card in your neighbour’s mailbox with your phone number and how you can help i.e. shopping or running errands. 
  3. Join or start a community or neighbourhood page on social media.
  4. Walk around the neighbourhood and say G’day when you see your neighbours – a smile and a wave could be the start of a new friendship. 
  5. Take the initiative and plan a neighbourhood gathering or project.
  6. Offer to help your neighbour with a job around the house or garden. 
  7. Drop off a meal if your neighbour has been unwell or is having a tough time.
  8. Be a good neighbour and a great listener, for conversation tips visit
  9. Hang out in your front yard or plan some driveway activities 
  10. Welcome new neighbours by introducing yourself and perhaps take over a bunch of flowers, a pot plant – anything inexpensive and cheerful.

Toolkit and resources

However you and your neighbours choose to come together, we have created the At Home in my Neighbourhood toolkit to help you make your neighbourhood activity as fun and successful as possible.

The toolkit is full of easy to read and useful information and resources to help plan and organise your neighbourhood gathering or project. Download your toolkit today[3876KB] and start planning, you may even start a new neighbourhood tradition.

Other resources

Use the Community Group Directory to find the contact details of a wide range of community interest groups active in your local neighbourhood. 
New migrants can access the Multicultural Welcome Hub to find services and resources to help you settle into your new neighbourhood, meet people and explore your community. 
Volunteering helps our community become stronger and resilient. Learn more about opportunities for volunteering through council’s volunteer program and find out what’s on offer with community based organisations.  
Neighbourhood Watch encourages interaction and a shared sense of responsibility to work together to improve the safety of your neighbourhood. Visit Neighbourhood Watch Queensland to see if there is a group in your area.  

For more information email or call 5475 7272 and ask to speak to a Community Development Officer.