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  • 25 Nov 2020

The happiest people I know are people who don't even think about being happy. They just think about being good neighbours, good people. And then happiness sort of sneaks in the back window while they are busy doing good.” Harold S. Kushner

Inspiring stories and the coolest neighbourhoods in the world

Experts have ranked the greatest neighbourhoods  for fun, food, culture and community. What inspires you in these communities? 

Here are 14 great stories that will make you eager to engage with your neighbourhood and five heart-warming stories reminding you to love your neighbour! 

Councils Community Development team would love to hear about your inspiring neighbours and neighbourhoods on the Sunshine Coast, feel free to email - we are waiting to hear your story!

Celebrate Neighbour Day on Sunday 28 March 2021

Neighbour Day 2021 theme is ‘every day is neighbour day’ – building on the growing movement of people taking neighbourly actions every day of the year.

It is the perfect day to say thanks for being a great neighbour, connect with new neighbours, and feel At Home in your Neighbourhood!

Register to access free material to help you organise a successful Neighbour Day event or to take neighbourly actions – including posters, invitations, labels, flyers and helpful tips.If you prefer not to register, you can still download their free resources.

The Neighbourhood Play Project 

Get to know your neighbours and get kids playing outside. Nature Play Queensland are encouraging “unstructured outdoor play to become a normal part of every child’s life in Queensland, so that they can develop into resilient, healthy and creative members of the community.”

Find some amazing activities and events to encourage your children to get outside and engage with the environment. 

Neighbourhood Play Project documentary - follow the journey of two families and their aim to bring back neighbourhood play for their kids. Watch as they overcome setbacks, conquer fears and make surprising discoveries as they rediscover neighbourhood play.Check out Digital Doorknock a tool designed by Nature Play Queensland to help parents communicate with local families to arrange outdoor play.

Information and resources

  • Spare Harvest 
    Connects people with their neighbours, enabling the sharing or exchange of surplus items. Established right here on the Sunshine Coast, Spare Harvest is about locals helping locals, reducing waste and sharing what we have - time, goods and support
  • Nextdoor 
    A neighbourhood hub for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information, goods, and services. Join your neighbourhood
  • Community Help 
    Is a new Facebook feature that enables neighbours to help each other out, people can volunteer to pick up groceries or ask someone to run an errand
  • BANK of I.D.E.A.S
    A selection of interesting and useful resource relating to community building.
  • Neighbour Power 
    Website for Jim Diers a speaker, facilitator, author and activator in support of caring, inclusive and powerful communities.

At Home in My Neighbourhood 

However you and your neighbours choose to come together, council have created the At Home in my Neighbourhood toolkit to help you make your neighbourhood activity as fun and successful as possible.The toolkit is full of easy to read and useful information and resources to help plan and organise your neighbourhood gathering or project. 

Please feel free to contact councils Community Development team if you would like to discuss any of your neighbourhood plans