Risk Assessment
  • Last updated:
  • 23 Jan 2020

In 2011, council assessed disaster risks across the region. It showed 24 natural and human-made threats which may impact on the region.

It took into account seasonal changes of each of the risks.

The hazards found include:

  1. East coast low pressure system
  2. Severe thunderstorm/electrical storm
  3. Tropical cyclone (Cat 1/2/3 Sandy Cape to Point Danger)
  4. Tropical cyclone (Cat 4/5 Sandy Cape to Point Danger)
  5. Storm tide (> HAT 0.5m)
  6. Flood (Q20 impacting on Sunshine Coast region)
  7. Dam failure
  8. Tornado (Grade F1 winds 117-180 kmh)
  9. Major earthquake
  10. Tsunami (>10m wave and land inundation >1km inland)
  11. Landslide
  12. Prolonged drought
  13. Bushfire (Rural and interface areas)
  14. Major fire (Urban/industrial areas)
  15. Hazardous material accident (Land transport corridor)
  16. Hazardous material accident (Marine environment)
  17. Major passenger transport accident (Road/rail casualties)
  18. Major air transport accident
  19. Pandemic
  20. Extreme high temperatures (>36 degrees, >2 days)
  21. Exotic animal/plant disease
  22. Terrorism
  23. Cyber security incident (Emerging risk)
  24. Black swan (Unpredictable, extreme/concurrent events)

This study contains earlier findings by the previous Noosa, Maroochy and Caloundra councils. These findings include:

  • Storm tide studies
  • Flood risk assessment reports/catchment management strategies
  • Bushfire risk management studies
  • Landslide risk assessment studies
  • City and shire plans

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